We believe in developing the entire player into what we call “fundamentally sound, team-first lacrosse players.” Leverage players are taught early on the importance of the team as well as team concepts. We believe no one player is bigger than the whole. Depending on the age and skill level, our teams run a variation of similar drills, offenses and defenses, from our U9 teams all the way up to our high school teams.
Lacrosse is the ultimate team sport that is based upon a cumulative set of skills that are developed over time via consistent reinforcement with similarly trained players. Keeping boys in the same training/game system with the same coaches and using the same terminology produces great teams and players facilitates this. It is not enough to “be around good players”. Team oriented players are developed as a group. This is not to say that the exact same players must be together throughout their career, but that a regiment of fundamentally sound lacrosse techniques applied to the same core set of players over several season yields superior results.
We incorporate a hybrid of box and field philosophies designed to maximize our players’ on-field performance and skill sets. All of our drills have a purpose and eventually build up to something greater related to on-field game situations. The Leverage skills, drills and games are all designed with our core principle in mind and that is to build fundamentally sound, team-first lacrosse players.