The Leverage Approach

From day one, Leverage Lacrosse existed for one purpose: to create a program where kids who want to play lacrosse were limited by their capabilities, not the limitations of the surrounding environment. To get better, players must develop a “lacrosse IQ”. This is something that comes from being introduced to the concepts and techniques of the game on the individual level as well as the team level consistently over time. This is why we established the first year ’round lacrosse programs for young players in the South Bay, introduced “box” lacrosse to the area and began teaching the benefits the field/box hybrid approach years before other clubs in the area.
Being a great (or even good) lacrosse player is not solely measured by individual talent. Unfortunately, many clubs lose perspective of this in their constant attempts to create “all star” teams with the intent of the players “being discovered”. The result of such a program is team play being sacrificed in favor of individual accolades, as players attempt to “showcase” themselves at all times. This not only affects the play of the team, but by being encouraged, diminishes the opportunities for the players to fully develop their understanding of the game. Our goal is to develop the complete lacrosse player; someone a high school or college coach would be able to recognize as a valuable addition to his team.