Leverage Gives Back

Participating in community service is one of the most satisfying, fun, and productive ways to unite and meaningfully contribute to the world we live in. Helping people feels good, promotes self-confidence, and may lead to an undiscovered interest. Community service also promotes networking and good citizenship, both important in the increasingly competitive environment in which our children will need to thrive.
Leverage Lacrosse provides organized monthly community service opportunities and encourages team members to participate. In the last year, Leverage members have sorted and packaged food for the needy, painted murals at a local elementary school, and worked on the Santa Monica Mountain Restoration project.
The selfless act of giving back to the community not only makes a better player, it makes a better person.

Another aspect of the Leverage gives back program is Leverage Lacrosse works with local/national companies as well as philanthropist to scholarship players for teams, leagues and camps. At Leverage we feel all boys should have the opportunity to play and learn this wonderful game regardless of their socioeconomic background.