Leverage Camps

Summer Camp

Leverage was the first to bring a Division I college lacrosse coach out to Los Angeles for a summer teaching camp. For years, the lacrosse summers have been dominated by recruiting tournaments for recruiting camps. These tourneys and camps are great for showcasing individual skills, but there was a need in Los Angeles for a camp for players to learn and develop their craft taught by some of the smartest lacrosse minds in the country. With all the lacrosse everyone is playing, this Leverage Summer Camp focuses more on games. Not traditional lacrosse games, but rather unique games designed for the boys to get better in a competitive setting while having fun. One example of the type of games played is Capture the Lacrosse Ball (aka “Cap”). It is basically dodge ball and capture the flag merged together except with tennis balls and lacrosse sticks (you have to see it to fully understand it.).  This game was first introduced at our 2013 Summer Camp. What Coach Jewett loves about this game and others that are similar is that the boys have so much fun while playing and at the same time are greatly improving their skills!

Box Camp

In 2010, Leverage Lacrosse partnered with 3d Lacrosse to create the first of its kind SoCal Box Lacrosse Immersion Camp. Coach Jewett felt it was extremely important for the boys to learn how to properly play Box before they embarked on the inaugural LA Box Lacrosse League season. His intuition paid off as the Leverage teams, having a leg up on the others due to the camp, won the Varsity HS & JV divisions. The camp continues annually to this day.

Winter Tune-up

This camp will focus on taking the skills the boys learn coming off a box lacrosse season and teaching them how to implement those skills into their field game. An emphasis will be placed on transitioning the boys from Box back to the field game.