Box Lacrosse

Why Box Lacrosse?
At Leverage we have always viewed box lacrosse as off season training and a way to make our boys better players. We never felt that the boys playing in our league would be competing for a Minto Cup, but rather use box lacrosse as a way to better their field game by improving skills and technique. We treat the youth division games as fun scrimmages, where boys can get more touches in a fast-paced game/camp style setting. The emphasis on our youth fall box league and teams is 100% about training and less about winning a championship.  At the High School division, while we still subscribe to the training principles, the style of play is more intense and we do crown a champion, but our primary goal is to raise the level of play of each boy involved in our league.  If the youth to high school player is looking to truly become a better lacrosse player, we are the fall box training program and league for you!

In 2010 Leverage introduced “Box lacrosse” to the LA area when it created the Los Angeles Box Lacrosse League in Torrance. Since then we are flattered to say that many groups in Socal are now following our lead by offering “indoor lacrosse.” Our league differs from others because we are playing Canadian style box lacrosse, meaning “live” boards, shot clocks, smaller goals with hockey style goalies, containment checks, and bump picks. Other leagues do not play this style, quite honestly because it is just too expensive to insure and their facilities can’t support this style of play. One of the main reasons we play this style is because it makes the boys GO much harder while in the box, greatly improving their overall game.

 Box Skills & Drills Info:

For the past 6 years, we have offered a modified version of our box curriculum to our U9 players. The idea is to keep a stick in their hands, prepare them for when they are U11’s playing box, plus have a lot of fun as box is super fast paced and the boys love it! Players are welcome at both the LA and OC practices. If they attend both practices that’s 36 hours of training, stick skills and games with the Leverage coaches. This clinic will be capped at 15 boys.

Fall Box Intro Clinic
This clinic is for 1st through 3rd grade players. Our 9 week Skills and Drills Box Lacrosse Program will focus on skills and drills designed to improve the boys stick skills, shooting, footwork and defense. Each session will end with fun small group games.


“Box Lacrosse”, or simply “Box” is a Canadian style of indoor lacrosse that combines elements of field lacrosse, hockey and basketball. “Real” box lacrosse requires “live” (playable) glass boards, shot clocks, referees that understand the game (including the use of containment checks) and appropriately geared goalies. Leagues that don’t follow these tenets are not only less effective in improving skill, but can be outright dangerous to play in because of proximity to things like chain link fence and/or improperly protected boards. No matter where you play box, make sure you understand how and where they games will be played. There is a lot of variation out there.

Stick skills are crucial in the game of lacrosse, and playing box in very tight quarters helps our boys to develop these very important skills. From an offensive point of view, players are taught many fundamentals such as: the “quadruple threat” position, two-man pick & roll game, and cycling through on the “backside”. Because the pace of the game is much faster than field lacrosse, the players’ shooting skills improve dramatically over a short period of time.  Also, Box lacrosse goals are half the size of those on the field and the goalies are “over stuffed” wearing bulky pads similar to hockey, making it very difficult to score.

Defensively the players footwork improves as they are taught to only “play the hip” and turn and run with their opponent. The teams’ transition game starts to click as we stress “getting back to the hole” on D and setting up quickly. Containment checks are allowed in Box; this not only helps the boys learn the physical aspects of the game, but also helps them learn how to protect the ball effectively in close quarters.

Because of the quick pace (it is played in a full roller hockey rink with a 30-second shot clock) the game is constantly in transition. This helps the offense work on transitioning to breakaways, as well as the defense to recover quickly to counter such attacks. In many ways Box is similar to basketball with it’s footwork, fast pace and the creation of uneven player situations.

Most importantly players love playing this high-paced, action-packed style of lacrosse, which makes them much better, all while having fun!