Opening weekend in the West LA Lacrosse League

It was exciting for the Leverage boys to get back on the field last weekend in the West LA Lacrosse League. Leverage Lacrosse has 6 teams playing in the league this Winter. Out of those teams we went 4 & 2 and the two losses were good games. I told the U15 team after their win, that  last year I watched our Freshman really start to jell as a unit, improve their skills as well as their lacrosse IQ, and grasp The Leverage Lacrosse motion & open set offenses.  It was exciting to see these boys reach a new level of Lacrosse by implementing in games what they had learned in practice. This success gave these boys great confidence going into their spring season. I feel this is true for all the Leverage youth teams playing winter ball as this league is a great time to work and strive to become fundamentally sound team first lacrosse players!