Leverage Lacrosse youth lacrosse teams

It was another exciting weekend of box lacrosse for the Leverage Lacrosse teams in the Los Angeles Box Lacrosse League. I keep telling all of the teams that I view box lacrosse as off season work and a way to better yourself as a player by taking the skills you have learned in box and applying them to your field game. As a coach there is nothing more rewarding that seeing your youth lacrosse players heed your message. All of the Leverage youth lacrosse players have dramatically improved their skills and team play by playing box and from the great coaching they receive from the Leverage coaches. The Leverage coaches will continue to follow the Leverage blueprint on how to build the best fundamentally sound team first lacrosse players. I look forward to watching these youth lacrosse teams play in the upcoming winter lacrosse season in the West L.A. Lacrosse League!