Leverage Camp recap

What a great youth lacrosse camp we just wrapped up at Mira Costa High School! The boys had lots of fun as did the coaches. With all the lacrosse everyone is playing, this Leverage camp focused more on games. Not traditional lacrosse games but rather unique games designed for the boys to get better in a competitive setting while having fun. The one game that stood out to all and was the highlight of the camp was Capture the lacrosse ball (aka “Cap”).  It is basically Dodge Ball and Capture the Flag merged together except with tennis balls and lacrosse sticks (you have to see it to fully understand it:)  I played a similar game growing up, except not involving lacrosse principles. I came up with the idea for Cap one morning when I was bouncing my daughter on my chest. What I love about games like this is the boys have so much fun and at the same time are greatly improving their skills!

Everything we teach at Leverage has a reason and a purpose. Look for more fun and unique Leverage specific games as we move in to our box season.

-Coach Chris