A few thoughts from Leverage President Chris Jewett

A few “Leverage” thoughts ……..

I’m a LACROSSE COACH … simple. I’m not a banker; not a portfolio manager or a sales & marketing exec. I’m really not much of a “business guy,” at all. Leverage Lacrosse is a business, though very different from others in the sport. We’re a true, NON-PROFIT, fully accredited 501c3. That means that we are not here to: “hit quarterly numbers; maximize ROI; optimize cash flow from operations and/or enrich the stockholders. What Leverage Lacrosse is all about is TEACHING. We have no investors. We have no debt. We don’t take venture capital.

As I watch the ever changing landscape of California and Western Lacrosse, I’m struck by how commercial lacrosse is becoming. The Leverage Coaches and I truly love and respect the game of Lacrosse. (Not sure I can say the same about what’s happening to the local business of lacrosse!) Our sole purpose is to teach kids ( Kindergarten through High School). We aim to make them better lacrosse players and better people through our “Team First” approach. We have a fully volunteer Board of working, dedicated Directors whose collective goal is to give our kids the best, most productive and fun learning experience possible.

Moving into our third year of operation, we’re still here. We’re still a force. We remain a solid advocate for “Lacrosse Done Right.” In that light – some exciting changes/enhancements are coming. We’ll soon expand our purview to include the OC, giving our LA kids a good look at what’s happening within OC lax. New talented OC and LA Coaches will come aboard. The Leverage Box Lacrosse League continues to be a “kid-favorite” while, at the same time, an outstanding off-season learning environment. And, of course, we continue to build upon our wonderful National and Collegiate Lacrosse relationships.

We have fun BUT, we also create great lacrosse players! “Fundamentally sound, team first players.” We know it. We’ve done it. We teach it. We love it!

Thanks so very much, to all of you, for helping to create and maintain this fantastic lacrosse “ecosystem” we call LEVERAGE LACROSSE.

I really look forward to The Spring!

Chris Jewett
Leverage Lacrosse