2015 High School Summer Registration Is Open!

We have a wonderful summer planned for the high school boys that includes a tournament, long format games and a shot clock game! This gives our boys the best of everything over the summer and an opportunity to play a lot of quality lacrosse! We will have two capped summer hs teams with 22 boys on each team. Summer registration will be first come, first serve. Please note that we will also have a U15 team this summer. Some of the incoming freshman and current freshman who qualify for U15, may be placed on the U15 team. I have included the Leverage summer youth info at the very bottom. If you have youth players who would like to sign up, or have friends who are interested, please pass this info along!

While I encourage the boys to try a travel team* and or a national tournament*, the way players truly get better is in a system, playing together and growing as a unit. It’s no secret the main reason Foothill and CDM will most likely face each other again in the OC finals and are two of the top teams in the west is because Surf Dawgs and OC Crush have both been around for many years. In the two years since we have had Leverage in Los Alamitos, I am proud to say that we have made tremendous progress, but we still have a lot of fun work ahead of us. I am very excited to work with the boys over the summer!


Practice will consist of skills and drills work, followed by station work to sharpen specific skills needed to compete at a high level. We will always end practice with games. Competing against each other makes our boys better all around players. I am also going to have an open door policy (provided they are US Lacrosse members) for Los Alamitos Lacrosse Alumni to come back and hop in some of these games against the older Leverage hs boys. This creates a wonderful sense of program pride, camaraderie, accountability and the older guys can show the current Leverage hs players what it takes to play at the next level. Many schools back east have this open door policy and some of the top college basketball programs in the country have their former players come back over the summer to play against their current players. With all of your help, through Leverage, I am very excited to build a rich and fulfilling, well-rounded lacrosse program for the boys in the Los Alamitos community!

Wednesday at Los Alamitos HS: 4pm to 6pm June 24, July 1, 8, 15, 22, 29


June 28th vs Best Coast at Edison HS

July 11th vs Cobras at Mira Costa HS (The boys had so much fun in the Winter that we decided to have these be shot clock games again!)

July12th at Los Alamitos HS vs OC Rebels

July 19th vs Mira Costa at either Mira Costa HS or Los Alamitos HS .. this is a tentative date.

July 25 and 26th – Tinsel Town Throw Down in Irvine CA

August 1st vs Newport Sailors in Newport Beach

Cost: $425:

Includes: New Leverage Uniforms! 12 hours of practice time. Five weekends of games, with a variety of different formats (shot clock, long quarter games, tournament) Again, we will carry only two capped teams of 22 players. Please note that we strive to keep Leverage as affordable as possible. All this great lacrosse we are providing this summer, boils down to around $19 per hour, which compared to other programs that come in from $50 to $150 per hour, is extremely reasonable.
Players who sign up for summer lacrosse have first dibs on our very popular Fall Box Lacrosse teams. We will only carry two box teams of 18 boys per team this Fall Box season.

Registration Link: https://www.leveragelacrosse.com/registration/

*For HS Select Elite teams, Leverage has partnered with the LA Cobras (basically Loyola, and they pull boys from Pasadena/Valley locations) and created LC Select. LC will have a 2018 Select Summer Team and a Varsity Select Summer Team. Each team will go to one recruiting showcase back east, be coached by myself or Coach Brett Tietjen (Loyola HS & President of Cobras) and practice two times before their tournament back east. The idea behind this program is to give our HS players an affordable select team to play on, where they can play against national and super regional talent, plus get some college recruiting looks. The lacrosse recruiting process continues to get more and more confusing. Therefore Coach Tietjen and I would like to properly/honestly guide our HS boys and steer them in the right direction to the college that best fits each players needs, rather than focus solely on lacrosse. We have a very good understanding for each boy’s ability and personality which helps us give open and honest feedback to the parent, player and college coaches. Coach Tietjen and I would like to stress that playing on these teams does not make one a better player. A player gets better and builds lacrosse IQ by staying in a system and playing with their local youth to hs club.