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Who we are

Our Mission

Leverage Lacrosse is a Not-For-Profit Lacrosse Organization established to foster the growth of lacrosse while creating a positive learning environment where Los Angeles and Orange County boys / girls can grow their lacrosse skills and knowledge. Leverage offers coaching seminars along with clinics, camps, leagues and club teams for boys and girls elementary through high school [age]. Leverage Lacrosse prides itself on building fundamentally sound, “team-first” lacrosse players.


All of our coaches actively participate with the boys day in and day out. We don’t have the concept of “guest coaches” or “star advisers,” nor do we subscribe to the “parent coaching” model because these things don’t fit within our philosophy of providing a consistent teaching environment.


Lacrosse is the ultimate team sport that is based upon a cumulative set of skills that are developed over time via consistent reinforcement with similarly trained players. We reinforce this with everything we do.


We introduced “box” lacrosse to LA by establishing the first (and best) box lacrosse league in LA County. We did this because the players who learn the techniques that are taught there improve their game dramatically on the field. This “hybrid” training approach is only talked about elsewhere. We do it.

Complete Players

It may sound cliché, but it really is all about the kids. Our goal is to help them grow to their fullest extent. They should be limited by their ability and desire, not by the system. This is why our non-profit was started and we have never deviated from that goal.

Box Lacrosse.

We brought Box Lacrosse to Los Angeles in 2010. Unlike the "indoor lacrosse" leagues that have followed, our league remains true to the Canadian style of play, meaning “live” boards, shot clocks, smaller goals with hockey style goalies, containment checks, and bump picks are all part of the game. Why? Because we believe that it is these things that help players really improve their stick and awareness skills. The games are very fast-paced and provide a lot of direct feedback.


Our tournaments are designed to provide fun and affordable opportunities for players to learn, get better and have fun in the off season. We like to say at our tournaments, “Players can play and coaches can coach.” We hold two tournaments a year: The Christmas Classic and the Summer Solstice. Both are held on the campus of St John Bosco High School, centrally located between Los Angeles and Orange County in Bellflower CA.