Team First Training Lacrosse is the ultimate team sport that is based upon a cumulative set of skills that are developed over time via consistent reinforcement with similarly trained players. Keeping boys in the same training/game system, with the same coaches, using the same terminology produces great teams and players facilitates this. Read more

Youth clinics Leverage regularly provides youth clinics to introduce young athletes to the game of lacrosse. These events, like our tryouts, are FREE to anyone who would like to join and are open to grades K-6. No experience or equipment is needed to attend a clinic. Just energy and a desire to have fun! Read more

The Complete Player The Complete Player is a well rounded individual. He is not a “Lax Bro”. He is confident, but doesn’t swagger. His demeanor comes from working hard, playing fair and being comfortable on and off the field. Read more

The Leverage Approach From Day One Leverage Lacrosse existed for one purpose: to create a program where kids who want to play lacrosse were limited by their capabilities, not the limitations of the surrounding environment. Read more